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Connecticut Roofing Company and Contractors

The best certified roofing contractors to provide your roofing needs throughout Connecticut.

New Roof Connecticut is the premier, official, and accredited group of roofing professionals that provide service to all types of roofing jobs including household or commercial structures. Whether it be roof installation, roof repairs, or roof maintenance, we have the necessary tools and years of expertise to inspect, examine, and provide professional recommendations that aim to uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams and deteriorated flashings, excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts, and other visible signs of a flawed roofing system that might lead to bigger problems later on. Get Quotations From Certified Contractors in Connecticut

New Roof Connecticut Roofing Services:

New Roof Connecticut is the group of choice for all types of roofing projects because we stand by our work, as evidenced by our proven track record of successfully completed projects, all within the approved budget of contract. Our exceedingly satisfied clients are not only pleased with the end result of the project, but also with the process by which our professional, accredited, certified, and insured contractors are able to execute the objectives and goals as explicitly stipulated in the detailed project proposal.

Our emphasis on the quality of work we deliver is coupled by the equal importance of providing a safe and secure workplace. Our contractors are adept at the latest safety procedures that shelters them from work-related accidents and also protects the inhabitants of the structure they will be working on.

New Roof Connecticut Roofing Products:

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