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Commercial Roofing in Connecticut - CT

Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing in Connecticut - CT

Roofers specializing in Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Installation, Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Repair, Roof Leaks, and all other Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing Services in CT. Call 1-888-766-3020 for a Free Quote today!

Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Installation CT - Commercial Roofers Specializing in Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing

Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Installation in Connecticut - CT

Modified Bitumen Membrane roofing is one of many types of roofing systems that our commercial roof contractors service throughout Connecticut. If you have a commercial building in Connecticut with Modified Bitumen Membrane roofing that requires repair or you're looking for a new roof construction using Modified Bitumen Membrane then contact New Roof Connecticut at 1-888-766-3020 or request a Free Commercial Roofing Quote. Our commercial roofing contractors are Licensed and Insured and have years of experience working throughout Fairfield, Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tolland, Windham and Litchfield County with all types of flat roofs and buildings. Other flat roofing systems that our professional roof contractors service and install are: EPDM Thermoset Membrane, PVC Thermoplastic Membrane, Asphalt Built-Up Roof (BUR), TPO Thermoplastic Membrane, and CSPE (Hypalon) Thermoset Membrane.

Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an evolution of asphalt roofing that has a variety of modifiers and solvents added to it, to achieve plastic or rubber-like properties for increased durability. Modified Bitumen membranes are either one, two, or three ply-systems that can be installed in conjunction with built-up roof (BUR) materials to form a "hybrid" roof system. Modified Bitumen is designed for buildings with low-slope or flat roof structures and work well for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Modified Bitumen pieces are connected together by a cold-applied adhesive application process or a heat application process where the seams are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a seal. The two types of Modified Bitumen are APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). APP systems are typically installed using the heat application process and SBS are typically installed with hot asphalts or cold adhesives. Submit a Free Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing Quote or call 1-888-766-3020 for more information and our roofing professionals will be glad to help you.

Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Installation in Connecticut - CT Modified Bitumen membrane systems are extremely versatile and can be used alone in one or two-ply applications, or with conventional asphalt built-up roof systems as a cap sheet and/or flashing material. It is also an excellent material for repairing existing bituminous roofs. Modified Bitumen offers excellent flexibility capable of expanding or contracting with the movement of the building they protect. Modified Bitumen also has good resistance to brittleness at cold temperatures, greater flow resistance at high temperatures, and increased elasticity can be achieved by blending synthetic rubberized polymers with asphalt. Other benefits of Modified Bitumen roofing are: excellent waterproofing characteristics, proven track record of performance, and broad range of application methods.

Modified Bitumen roofing materials come in factory-manufactured and inspected rolls that can be finished with a variety of surfaces that enhance resistance to oxidation and damage from UV rays. Surfacing options for Modified Bitumen roofing include: factory applied mineral surface, gravel surface, including “cool roof” coatings which are highly-reflective to save on building cooling costs. Submit a Free Modified Bitumen Roofing Quote or call 1-888-766-3020 today for assistance with your Modified Bitumen Membrane roofing needs.

Learn more about our Connecticut roof construction services: new roof construction, roof repairs, re-roofing, roof renovation, retrofitting, remodeling, preventative maintenance, roof leak repair, waterproofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, tin roofing, metal roofing, copper roofing, asphalt roofing, roof flat, rubber roofing, flat roofing repair, EPDM roofing, PVC roofing, Thermoset Membrane roofing, Thermoplastic Membrane roofing, Modified Bitumen Membrane roofing, commercial roofing repairs, roofing shingle, roof truss, roof insulation, roof cladding, and timber cladding. New Roof Connecticut has the solution to all your roofing needs so request a Free Commercial Roofing Quote today or call 1-888-766-3020.

If you are looking for a reputable roofing contractor in Hartford, Fairfield, Windham, Litchfield, New London, Middlesex, Tolland, or New Haven County then you've come to the right place. New Roof Connecticut is a professional roofing company servicing all industries and markets including commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, healthcare, government, and educational. Call 1-888-766-3020 today to get started with your roof construction project with New Roof Connecticut or request a Free Commercial Roof Quote. Our skilled roofing contractors are Licensed and Insured and have years of commercial roof construction experience working with all major roofing manufacturers like Carlisle SynTec, CertainTeed, GAF-Elk, Tamko, Firestone, IKO, Owens Corning, Johns Manville, Sika Sarnafil, Fabral, Soprema, Malarkey, Pabco, Decra, Polyglass, Met-Tile, Monier Lifetile, EcoStar, Tremco, Durolast, Classic Metal Roofing, and more. We provide Emergency Roofing Services and our roof specialists can help with planning and budgeting your roof construction projects.

New Roof Connecticut is your trusted source for professional quality commercial roofing services from new roof construction to re-roofing, roof maintenance, and roof repair. Request a Free Commercial Roofing Quote or call 1-888-766-3020 today!

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